Welcome to our Beta-Launch of RelationChips™ 2.0! 

This version of the app is designed to work on CHROME and SAFARI browsers. You are welcome to use this version for free through June 7th or later as we test its capability and fix any performance issues that are reported by users. Sign-up for a beta-test subscription anytime during this time period using the Subscribe menu tab above. During this testing period, we appreciate your feedback on your experiences with the app. We make no warranty for the reliability of the app during this testing period.

RelationChips.com is a web-based tool that enables Systemic Constellation facilitators, coaches and consultants to easily and intuitively explore client relationships remotely in a safe and secure online environment.  Our App is simple and easy to use so you can focus on the client's issue and not be distracted by technology or complexity.

For more information on how to use the app click HERE.


  • Share real-time movement, rotation, and scaling of chips on a virtual "table" seen and controlled by both parties                 
  • Type identifying names on chips                
  • Text Chat for host and client to communicate during a constellation                     
  • Fullscreen mode expands the app to fill your computer screen for easy access of all features and to maximize workspace         
  • Collapsable menu for more usable workspace                  
  • International capability and stability designed in         
  • Manage your subscription           
  • Secure and private          
  • No restrictions on number of uses during subscription period                  
  • Invite one other person into a room to share an online constellation session        


Physical RelationChips

  • Portable place markers for constellations on the go
  • Effective in family or organizational settings
  • Write-erase names directly on chips
  • Set of 20 place markers in 5 colors: US$49.95 (plus shipping & handling)
  • Bag & pen included. Bulk discounts available.

Click here for info and ordering.